I’ve installed that and nothing changes for me. Win 7 is single-minded about using its own driver for this tablet, and the Acer installer simply drops the files onto the drive. Plug in the A, and launch device manager. I will be trying this later tonight and I will check back. I hope it helps

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[Q] Usb debugging | Acer Iconia A

Mar 31, 4 3 6 Male. Perhaps trying Danil’s suggestion might help. Unfortunately, plug again and again and again? John White 31 1. You now have gained root access on your Acer Iconia Tab A I had this same problem on Windows 8. Plug in the A, and launch device manager.

Well, it’s working at least. I can DDMS again.

I couldn’t find where the installer was copying the msi manually, so I used the sysinternals utility handle. Same problem with Acer Iconia A on Vista.

Immediately “adb devices” found it. When you have it plugged in does it still dehugging the tablet under portable devices and using the icohia driver as a separate entry than the adb entry?


I’d appreciate any advice. Type “T3”, press enter Note: On degugging computer, open a terminal also known as command prompt on Windows-based systems and run the following commands: I have solved the same problem by this way: It is full of adb relevant files, but like I said there’s no adb in device manager.

When I plug the device in it uses some generic Microsoft driver to show the device contents but composite adb doesn’t show up at all like it does for my Droid.

My device hardware ID and the inf file were a bit different from the ones in the link but the general idea is there. My sdk is fully updated.

After the tablet reboots, launch BusyBox and it will automatically install itself on your device. Chui Tey 4, 2 25 P Can’t figure otu why.

I’m having to do this with all my devices. Your device will reboot once it is finished rooting. Click “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer”. Here’s how to fix:. Browse my computer for driver software 4. I have the aecr file on my desktop in keil.


Update Acer Iconia A500 to Ice Cream Sandwich with Icylicious ROM. It’s Rooted Already

Both command prompt adb devices is empty under “List of devices attached” and Eclipse devices is empty. I debugying be trying this later tonight and I will check back. I hope it helps The folder it added to my program files only contains “EUUDriverInstaller” and a folder called Win7 with a folder called adb within it.

None of the other answers worked for me, but it pointed me in the right direction.

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