However, experiencing a National level SCCA autocross is certainly a great way to test your driving skills and potentially car setup, although some rules SCCA has are not friendly to track setup. And then you still may get the follow up question…who won, you or Marcia? For most cars, that means staying in 2nd gear, and topping out around mph. It was a lot of actual high speed driving in a much shorter time frame. Even the most severe autocrosses place much lower stress on the equipment.

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Praparing your tires for autocross is not complicated. Hey now—I won plenty of trophies. The SCCA has women’s autocross classes, with the same rules as open classes.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Autocross is a rain or shine sport, the only thing that shuts an event down is lightning in the area.

American autocross – Wikipedia

On a golf course, I find it infinitely more fun to dork around in the golf cart between holes, than bothering with the exact number of strokes I need to drop the ball into one of them. Or to someone who appreciates terms being used correctly, especially automotive terms that seem to get diminished daily. Did somebody piss in your Cheerios?

Great post article Bark. American autocross is a form of autocrossan individual motorsport in which drivers compete to set the fastest time on a temporary course.

My technical skills were fine. However, experiencing a National level SCCA autocross is certainly a great way to test your driving skills and potentially car setup, although some rules SCCA has are not friendly to track setup. Thousands of competitors, thousands of runs, one incident.


American autocross

My local autocross group has many great people, however, the last event ran from 8a-5p. Well, neither did I.

In a track and field event, whether it be a sprint or a marathon, it is the first competitor who crosses the finish line who has won the race. In Southeast Asia, Malaysia and Thailand refer to the sport as autokhana. Autocrossing can have an effect on how your car wears standard consumable items such as tires and brake pads, however it is extremely unlikely that it will threaten the structural integrity of your car.

Maybe autocrozsing contests where a driver has to compete for the ride with sponsorship dollars at stake is the line to some. Sounds like American Endurance Racing might be more your speed. If you want to label the type of racing someone is doing fine. Costs are generally related to the cost of the site, and also cover event operations and insurance.

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In the United Kingdomautocross is known as autosolo and is held on grass and dirt. Each run typically lasts between 30 and 90 seconds depending on course lengthfor about ten minutes of total driving time.

Street Touring and Street Prepared classes allow some modifications to the suspension wheels, springs, shocksexternal engine parts intakes and exhaust manifoldsand the interior replacement of seats.


I wished I could pay more to work less i. I then ran a Z4 which was also mis-classed as it was a pig. This article is about the sport as practiced in the United States. Coachbuilding for the Relatively Regular Customer?

What Is Autocross? – Sports Car Club of America

I was a 60 year old man in shorts also driving an RX-8 for a time when it was sorely mis-classed, competing against the S2K pictured above. Autocross is an inexpensive way to become involved in motorsports.

This where rallycross gets its name — it is a cross between a rally and a race, the implicit assumption being that rallying is not a race. If you speed on roads leading to or from the event site, it not only puts you at risk of a speeding ticket but also can give the club a bad reputation. Remember, we are all in it for fun. While their top speeds are typically limited by gearing, their transient cornering capabilities exceed those of vehicles not designed for autocross.

You will appreciate it the next time when someone does it for you. Second gear in a parking lot for 45 seconds, then 3 hours discussing the primo line with Jorts Nation.

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