Well, it collect IV’s Thks for your work! Pls Contact me, I have very affordable rates. Hey admin, I see that the post is from Are you using an Intel MBP with yours?

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Sean, “noob” is not an issue, or an excuse.

Emaol me at jarelivory gmail. I suppose you would not appreciate your neighbors doing to same to you.

It is noted in the Kismac support documentation that the software will not work with USB devices if you have the device drivers for the device installed on your Mac, and this is correct. Make sure your capture device is properly plugged in.


I understand your statement now. Sketchy, You probably have more than one selected in the preference pane, remove all but the rtl John Carter December 8, at 3: LOL who is geoffrey?

You can’t possibly have tried. You’ll need at least, bare minimum 40, IVs 80, recommended http: Rh, first, Thanks for posting your specs.


Me November 16, at 2: Wayne Dyer b Just moved into a new apartment and there are 20 or so nearby networks taunting me, all encrypted most WEP, I won’t bother with the ones that have WPA encryptions. I dunno why is this happening, I have all the settings correct If you have already installed the driver software for your adapter and need to uninstall it, locate the Mac software CD that came with your device or that you downloaded.

Then, when you connect on a network, of course you are visible to the owner of the network. Wifi now, no kismxc to pay for internet now: All i want is to be able to connect to a meter wifi hotspot my town provides.

Thank you for your time. I have downloaded everything correctly, however when I type in: That nerdy girl who is skinny December 25, at Stephen Roberts February 6, at Me September 12, at 7: If the traffic is slow, kismaf can wait a long time for a good packet to re-inject.


I don’t see any option Use as primary device.

Stephen Roberts’ Blog: Cracking WEP Networks with KisMAC+aircrack-ng on Mac OS X Lion

Admin, Thanks again for the feedback. Hi, haha, sorry to bother you Posted by Stephen Roberts at 7: Admin October 4, at 1: I added my password to the top of the list but when i open the word list for a crack all the menus grey out.

The antenna is the antenna. Kizmac title of the post is: KisMAC in passive mode is like trying to collect rain water:

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