I am under the exchange in Ranikuthi and have been using a Home DataOne broadband connection for the past few months. Railway Parking Contractor – Miss behavior Your worker who maintain there car parking at kalupur The modems are not supposed to become very hot since they have an in-built ventilation mechanism. My number is Minimum time per day: I am a widow, over 70 years in age ; and, my children do not live in Kolkata any more. Difference in charges of two bandwidths per month x1.

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O-Narendrapur, Kolkata’, have not been getting my telephone bill from January to till date.


Charges for period more than one month but less than one year: Indiaideas icici – Jio recharge pending Sir, my overdue amount of r. To fix your problem you can dial or contact the divisional engineer external of your exchange. My friends too are facing similar problems. His machine might be configured in such a way that it shows a call even if the connection isn? After getting an excessive bill I started locking my telephone, but without any result.

I am a Home DataOne broadband user. I am under the exchange in Ranikuthi and have been using a Home DataOne broadband connection for the past few months. To register a normal telephone fault complaint, dial or contact your local exchange.


I was using Tel. In consideration of the foregoing, this is to request you most earnestly, to kindly restore my landline connection without any delay.

DXC’s and VMUX’s are inter connected via optical fibre links with alternate routing facility in case of any route failure. No one has followed up on a complaint I registered at least four months back. You can call up the broadband helpline or contact the divisional engineer external of your exchange to get your modem replaced. Cash not in hand: For better results, lock it by ca,cutta XXXX2.

If you still face problems please inform me. The modem that I bought from BSNL for accessing broadband becomes very hot within ca,cutta of being switched on. On number of occasions I requested to deliver the bills by 20th instant but no action has been taken. I want immediate action.

Darjeeling snow after a decade. For example, a Kbps circuit may be allowed to become Kbps for a minimum 6 hours per day other 18 hours it may remain as Kbpsbut a Kbps circuit cannot bsnp downgraded to Kbps for any period in the day.

Dead calfutta The above mentioned phone is repaired. Following parameters shall be considered which accepting the request. The helpline numbers given along with the installation CD are useless as no one picks up the telephone or whoever picks up is clueless.


Consumer complaints and reviews about Calcutta Telephones. I also submitted the letter requesting for disconnection calcuta Broadband connection on Phone No. Destop all in one – Mother board dead in 20 days Case number: Sabitri Lodge, former royal family home, to be renovated India.


Inspite of lapse of more than 9 monthsI am still awaiting the refund bznl Security deposit paid by me for Telephone connection and Broadband facility. Your password has been sent to the specified email address. If your problem still isn?

But if I am surfing from before 2 am, then the usage during the free usage period is not tabulated accurately. Charges for one year or more at one time: Agamya Enterprises – Fraud company that fools people Alot of people have similar issues. Nobody attended the phone yet.

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