I am afraid that they will sim lock my modem. Yeah true so how should we overcome this without affecting the speed? Unlike Fibre, the quota for most wireless broadband plans is usually fixed and it may not be enough to satisfy those who use their broadband for video streaming. But result still the same. I can’t watch iflix due to this, when click redeem it won’t load, anyone facing this problem? Share on Track this topic Print this topic. This post has been edited by rgchai:

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But I did speed test after changing the DNS server address the speed seems to be as usual no speed drop.

Hhuawei This post has been edited by rgchai: Alexander Wong Facebook Twitter. I also facing shopee app can’t load using celcom home wireless once.

So if we change the DNS on the modem it won’t slow down the speed? Read latest posts or hide this alert. I experience this since few days ago.

Track this topic Receive email notification when a reply has been made to this topic and you are not active on the board. Celcom has published its Broadband FAQ which provides more brladband on the wireless Home broadband offering.


The Home Wireless service comes in three broaband which range from RM This situation is unaccepted at all. For both incidents, I just try to restart the modem then everything back to normal. So I take out the celcom sim card and put it inside my mifi. Additional information on the Home Wireless plans is quite limited. Is TNB Broadband the answer to our broadband woes?

I wonder is this very common for wireless broadband.

But the thing is, they dont know how long it takes. Ceocom introduces the first smartphone with in-screen camera and 48MP main shooter December 10, in News.

Devices | Celcom

I call celcom center, they said it is bcoz of too many users in my area, now they said they are doing some upgrades. Jun 21 Look at all my stars!! I used the huawei hilink apps where there is an option to reboot the modem. I don’t want to go to celcom center first. This post has been edited by Jeffreynsx: Not sure what is going on despite asking them to do reset of the network.


But result still the same. Tmn Ibu Kota, KL.

Yeah true so how should we overcome this without affecting the speed? This should be enough to satisfy most video streamers. Not sure what’s the problem also.

Once your quota is depleted, your speed will be throttled to 64kbps huaaei your next billing cycle. Possibly the last flagship with a removable battery is now available in Malaysia July 16, in News.

Celcom has a new Home Wireless broadband service with up to 1TB of data

Show posts by this member only IPv6 Post My line was off a few times for about 10 minutes each time since yesterday. Didn’t know Cwlcom Wireless Broadband customer can get free complimentary access to iflix.

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