You will not be able to edit Apple’s built-in filters, but you can easily copy one, rename it, and use it as a template. This has been fixed for all USB scanners. Need a Complete System? The default is Single Page. Added setup tips for selected scanners currently only the Fujitsu fi and fi Its USB port connection feature allows for a fast and easy one-cable hook up to your notebook or desktop PC and the unique “launch” button starts your imaging application instantly.

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If your scanner is working fine, you shouldn’t turn this on as it creates an ever-expanding text file “ScanTangoDebug. Note that not all model scanners support logging. Experiment with some color scans to see the effect of the various filters or create your own. We believe this offers the best of both worlds – users get to genuinely test the software with their actual hardware to see if it works before spending real money, and we retain a bit of leverage to help us obtain the revenue to fund future development.

DocketPORT Drivers & Downloads

HP ScanJet – Flatbed scanner – 8. Fixed a problem that caused the background color of imported text-based PDF pages to be displayed incorrectly.

Now you can more easily take ScanTango on the road. Need a Complete System? Higher tiers also support lower tiers, but the reverse is not the case. These are documents that are displayed the first time ScanTango is run or registered and offer some tips and suggestions on getting started with ScanTango. Of special interest might be the new section on how to create and use a custom Quartz Filter for reducing the size of color PDF documents.


Added a Scan menu option for the Fujitsu fi and Fujitsu fi to toggle multifeed detection on and off. If you already have your scanner, ScanTango will let you scan on your hardware, but will place a gentle reminder on each image until you purchase a key. This is the default setting. All supported scanners should work properly on either CPU type.

The filter can be tuned to crop virtually any black and white, grayscale, or color scan to the usable information on the page, and also allows you to specify custom margins. For the DocketPORT scanners, added a menu item that allows users to specify a delay between page insertion and scanning. If no type is specified, the application Preferences for new scan type will be used. This is a low-cost scanner equipped with an automatic document feeder. Sheet-fed Design-allows simplex one side scanning of business card to legal paper size General Information – Manufacturer: We’ve modified the ScanTango license to explicitly allow you to purchase one copy and install the application on both a primary and secondary i.

Cordless Ring Scanner 9P.


Convenient “Launch” Button located on the top-right side of the scanner. Fixed a problem that caused windows to be moved to strange doocketport on the screen following the initial window resize that occurs after the first page is scanned.

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Visioneer Paperport B Scanner. Quartz Filters have little or no effect on black and white images. When scanning a page that contains completely black areas the calibration sheet for examplethis can cause the scanner to incorrectly believe it has reached the end of the page. The new method allows your key to remain constant across Macs, system updates, and installations of software apps such as Parallels. A replacement mobile scanner calibration page is available here courtesy Document Capture Technologies, Inc.

Added a new Preference item to turn on scanner communication logging. If you were using this scanner we know of no existing userssend an email immediately to techsupport scantango. All of this should occur automatically in a matter of a few minutes.

Syscan DocketPORT 465 – sheetfed scanner

Currently, only the Fujitsu fi and fi scanners have expert settings. Double-clicking opens an item for editing. The command has full Undo.

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