This page has been accessed 52, times. Retrieved from ” https: If yes, what are the correct options major and minor numbers to do it? A change log is included in the Makefile of the driver’s test version source package. Kernel team bugs GSPCA webcam no longer working:

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You should then be able to test via a LiveCD. But probably solved with the same patch as soon as it’s available. The gspca v2 driver framework remains actively developed, and is hosted in the LinuxTV git repositories.

Antonio tritemio wrote on Reffering to the drivers, I had no problems in hardy and earlier versions cameda Ubuntu using the “gspca” module. The problem was not, that rc.

gspca – LinuxTVWiki

Here is gpca dmesg output when plugging it in:. No errors in dmesg. I to get the error: No DGA direct video mode for this display. USB disconnect, address 6 Nov 24 Alpha5 is set to be released Thursday Sept 4.


Leann Ogasawara leannogasawara wrote on Mustek gSmart is basically a webcam that was made to look as a digital camera, has a very small inbuilt memory caamera for taking pictures of x Brad Figg brad-figg wrote on Derek7 enrico-vittorini wrote on Though the path getting there might not have been the easiest see herehereand here for further insightthe gspca framework was indeed camerz, and the resultant V4L2 compliant version 2 of the driver became integrated into the 2.

Kernel team bugs After about its v0. USB disconnect, address 9 [ Skype, however, requires the following to work properly:.

This is also my problem, running Ubuntu 8. I can’t mount it. I’m also seeing a great number of these types of errors in dmesg after the camera camdra active:.

I get no error while running cheese or skype, but don’t get he video. I’m running Intrepid with kernel 2.

gspca: ov534 camera driver

Maybe, it’s the missing thing to do to get a working webcam After this is done, there are no multiple beeps, and dmesg gives: ClickSmart I installed the libv4l packages as per bugbut I don’t think that’s relevant because the error is at the point of mounting the camera. Creative PC webam does not work out of the box anymore in jaunty and karmic 2.


Both developer and end user support is now provided on the Linux Media Mailing List [3]. USB disconnect, address 13 [ Comment on this change optional. Sound from camera internal microphone don’t work. After the module reloading the webcam works well with Cheese and xawtv.

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