And now the follow up. After reading rave reviews online about the TaylorMade r7 Draw driver I decided to purchase this driver on the hope that it would reduce my dreaded slice. Admit it — you need the help. I also posted an eagle for the first time in a few seasons. I went to the golf mart in Forster city, CA so I could try the demo out on the range next door. With four adjustable weights, there is some room to be creative with your weight placement. One or two drives this year were so long and straight I was getting very close to driving yard greens.

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Once the club comes in i am going to adapt to it for a couple of hours then go play.

TaylorMade r7 Draw Driver Review

So when the swing goes bad it is one of the first things I check. I tried the R7 and hwo coud really feel the wieght difference. This club has given me confidence off the tee. It was the straightest driver I tested.

The club hits long as well as straight and overall I am delighted with it. The same result with the 3 hybrid. SportsRec is the 1 source for all things sports! Although it drqw not got rid of my slice completely and I still throw in a quick one every now and then but my consistency, accuracy and distance have been increased dramatically. Was I going to hit a fade? I will definitely buy a R7 Draw when I can find now good deal.


My personal experience is taylromade with this club. They are a consistent driver count leader on the PGA Tour. I have added at least 10 [probably more] yards. The problem is if you have to deal with a Taylor Made Rep to get fitted to one of them. Unless your slice is more than slight I would not try to correct it with this club.

TaylorMade r7 Draw Driver Review (Clubs, Review) – The Sand Trap

I went to a shop and tried it out on a simulator. This is going to drop lots of strokes for me. I appreciate that the r7 Draw is easy on the eyes. I have a 90 trial period, so will spend some more time seeing if I can improve my swing before the trial period runs out. It normally takes me awhile to adjust to new clubs — especially new drivers. One or two drives this year were so long and straight I was getting very close to driving yard greens.

I can say that I am getting more height and quite a bit more length than I was getting with my old driver. Hit a few push fades but not one slice.

I have a horrible slice on occasions with my 3-wood. Had a TM R5 that I bought used. Media Reviews Today’s Golfer.


How to Set the Weights for an R7 460 Driver

I cannot believe it. During my one round of golf, I hit every fairway and most of the shots were either a slight draw, straight, or slight fade that stayed in the fairways on every hole. I just bought this club from Sports Authority but have not had the chance to take it out to the driving range yet. I played a scramble yesterday with 2 guys who have 14 and 21 handicaps respectively I am high handicap currently. Slicers leave the clubface open relative to their swing path, so anything that helps them close the clubface is a welcome vraw.

The 18th is a Par 5 yards with too bunker right tayllormade the fairway at yards — I drove it yards down the middle and hit a gentle 5 iron into the green.

Like many others I have a natural fade with my irons and a bananna ball with my woods.

Create a lower ball flight by putting both larger weights in the front slots.

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