Brian Hampton is offline. If the answer is it would still perform reasonably well in 10 years, then maybe I’ll get it. This is an old calibrator and, unfortunately, over time they loose their accuracy. It still worked, but was a little confusing. X-Rite i1Display LT accessories.

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All functions of the i1Display Pt are made easy through the use of wizard-driven technology that delivers exceptional control and functionality. It has been lying dormant in a drawer in a protective case for the past 3 years. Best cameras and lenses After installing the software and calibrating the monitor, I uploaded a number of images that had been printing problems, pre-calibration.

Now that I have the right equipment, that issue is gone. I profile the LT every six months or so. Then you don’t have to buy again. And for X-rite crew no surprise: This explains how I1displlay do it.

i1Display LT Product Support

In addition, the i1Display LT provides gray balance optimization for more neutral and better-defined grays, an ambient light check to determine optimal room lighting for color-critical work, a profile reminder to ensure true and reliable color over time, and a ,t and after image display feature that i1displag highlights the results of the calibration process. Rated 4 out of 5 by Anonymous from Easy to use, but has limitations Although I already had consistent color management with my main monitor, I was curious if a calibrator would be useful with several different monitors.


I did go in and turn off the loader it installs so Windows can install the profile.

X-Rite i1Display LT overview. No more guess work, or lighting or darkening guessing what the printer or lab will do to them.

X-Rite I1 Display LT Professional Monitor Calibration

I1displau only takes a few clicks to get professional results! AVS Forum articles Contests. Issues with New Phone and Lightroom Mobile. Well, I must be lucky.

GS — LT vs Pro profiled. The secondary colors were not measured since they are not needed to create the profile. LT coordinates with profile: I bought an efi-es which is the same as an i1pro but often sells much cheaper used. AND now I can calibrate my laptop as well. Based on my monitor specs, I took a swag on the brightness setting before I started calibration.

I wish I had bought this a long time ago.

I vaguely recall reading about drift and the difference between color-meter and spectro-meter when I purchased the LT back in The included i1Match software has an intuitive interface that will walk you through each step to calibrate and profile your monitors.


Quickly and easily capture accurate color, instantly enhance portraits and landscapes, and maintain color control and consistency from capture to edit. This may be of interest. The i1Display LT is the perfect solution for entry-level pros and discerning digital imaging professionals who desire accurate color on their monitor.

Are there any calibration I can do?

i1 Display LT on win 8.1

My wife is already jokingly asking me when I will start calibrating the new TV, as she vividly remembered how I spend hours on it 4 years ago while she was taking care of our 1st baby.

For the best viewing experience please update your browser i1dusplay Google Chrome. Choose your Country to begin.

I couldn’t believe the before and after shots of my screen after calibration. Brian Hampton is offline.

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