Look in the code files in the Download section of this article to see the resulting dsClients. This is the Clients class that you can use in your application. It does not know what the real columns and rows of the database are. From the line ClientsBuilder , we now have almost lines of strongly typed code. Look at the Insert Command as an example:. You can create the parameters with any of the IfxParameter constructors, or you can shortcut their creation as above. The LibraryConsoleTest program in the sample solution demonstrates how the strongly typed DataSet works.

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Look at the Insert Command as an example:. They do not have to match database’s column names. The proper using statement is: The ExecuteScalar method returns only 1 row.

Finally it loops through the clients and prints the data to the Console. You can now write something like this: Therefore, they do not represent real-world, full-size applications.

Here is a simple method that demonstrates how to get a connection to the database:. Unfortunately it’s not available in NuGet at least not yet. The IfxDataAdapter doesn’t have this wizard yet. Any mistake in the column name, for example, is not apparent until runtime.


Note, however, that each IfxParameter is associated with a specific IfxCommand. We have decided to add Informix support to our application.

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Add IfxParameter objects to the IfxCommand ‘s Parameters collection in the exact order as they occur in the command informiz. These will be quite useful when using this class.

Select the assembly and click Open. This section contains short examples that demonstrate the use of particular objects or show how to perform particular database tasks.

Connect to Informix with ADO.NET

Be aware that the 2. As you can see, the ConnectionString is just a semicolon-separated list of parameters for the connection. NET framework installed in order to use the driver. This is what the DataLibraryBuilder class does.

In that event handler, the code looks for any inserts. They all assume that you have already imported the IBM.

Click Browse and navigate to the lnformix. BuildXSD is the abstract method that must be overriden in each concrete descendent. Comments Sign in or register to add and subscribe to comments. NET framework Convert functions will convert these Objects into the proper types, if possible.


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You now have a fully encapsulated business object that handles its own database interaction. It is an in-memory database. Informix namespace by including this directive in the program: Create an abstract parent class called DataSetBuilder. In this article, we will examine how to use the ADO.

ExecuteScalar method when you know that the SQL you want to execute will return a single value. The documentation is more complete with twice the amount of material.

Look in the code files in the Download section of this article to see the resulting dsClients. As the code demonstrates, there are several ways to convert the column Objects into the ado.nte datatypes.

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