Click here if you want to use torrent files with Headphones. How wireless headphones work and how to connect. Connect to a different device Your headphones automatically reconnect to the last device you used with them. Learn more Read about how to troubleshoot the audio quality of your headphones. Enjoy full wireless freedom with our range of Bluetooth headsets.

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To control playback volume, use the volume buttons on the left ear cup or the RemoteTalk cable.

Click here for instructions on setting up a Usenet account. You can download Python for free at python. Click the “Quality and Post Processing” tab. This can cause the process to freeze, holding up the rest of your download queue. Customize your sound as you like Set the perfect sound for every song.

Click instxll for instructions on installing uTorrent.

Bluetooth Headsets & Earphones | How to Connect Wireless Headphones

Customize your Sony headphones by using the smarter Headphones Connect app. Open the Settings page in the Headphones interface.

If they don’t connect automatically, turn on your console first and switch the headset so that it is Bluetooth mode. Sit back and wait. Since you’ll want the process to be as automated as possible, you’ll want to take a few moments to ensure that uTorrent’s settings are set to maximize speed and eliminate the need for you to interfere.


Click “Save changes and scan”, and Headphones will begin scanning your computer for existing music tracks. When charging is complete, all five lights will remain lit. Thank you for your feedback! Reset Hold down these two buttons for 10 seconds: These airphnes are no longer active. Make sure that your headset is charged, which can be done by simply plugging it into the unit.

You can uncheck albums that you don’t want to inxtall, or mark them as already downloaded if you got them from another source. Wireless headphones work by transmitting audio signals through either radio or IR infrared signals, depending on the device. Charge Plug your headphones into a power source using the included micro USB cable. Click here to move on to installing and configuring Headphones.

By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Here is a list of the most popular devices that people use with wireless headphones and how to connect them.


So when Bluetooth-enabled products, such as a cell phone and headphones, are in close proximity to each other, they connect, or pair. Connect wireless headphones to an Xbox Select the “Input Device” option by clicking “X” on the controller.

Bluetooth headsets

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When two calls are active, this lnstall between calls. For iPhone X using iOS 11 or later: Ensure that you have provided the correct credentials to use that search provider.

Set up and use your Solo3 Wireless headphones

If the pairing was successful, it will show you on the screen and you just need to hit the “X” button to continue. Usenet requires a monthly fee, but is very fast and secure. Airphonss the repair process has failed, SABnzbd will mark it as “Failed” and move on.

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