You mention possibly selling 2 of your MFW’s which I might be interested in but if the Dayton is a much better driver I think I will go that direction since I don’t want to find myself in the same situation I’m in now. Enter your video clip URL below: Please paste your code into the box below: There is definitely a big improvement in sound quality and low frequency headroom while being much more tolerant to pushing the volume. There is no cost for the programming, just round trip shipping and the remaining parts for the Turbo kit. Thanks for the reply. I’m just thinking it might take a load off the 2 15’s having another sub in the mix.

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Thanks again for sticking with us! We have a good number in stock so orders will go out quickly after the back orders. I’m gonna give you guys a call one of these days when I’m ready to pull the trigger.

Unfortunately the end result is a lot more complicated than this simple gain function, where the subwoofer’s location, your seating location re;lacement relative dimensions of the room will all impose a series of peaks and valleys on top of this general trend of the response. If those options don’t work out for you or you prefer to process are card over the phone, simply give us a call at and we can process your credit card over the phone.


Only 1 of the mdw-15 need be connected in a surround replavement. There is a ribbon-style cable which unplugs from the original amplifier which connected to the upper control panel.

Anyone have a link? I’m just thinking it might take a load off the 2 15’s having another sub in the mix. ALL of the orders of 2 amps and orders that came in yesterday and today will be shipping out this afternoon.

MFW-15 Mk2 Amplifier

These woofers will not be any more expensive than the current Turbo woofers. I do have one additional question.

RCA inputs are summed together. I have a fourth cabinet and recently sold its two drivers. Stop posting stuff like this Mark! ALL of the single amplifier orders shipped out late yesterday. I wish there were more resources out there on this issue.

MFW Mk2 Amplifier – W amplifier upgrade/replacement – Seaton Sound Discussion Forum

No piracy or distribution of copyrighted content. Going the iNuke route means it’ll be there to run larger subs down the road. After room correction has smoothed the response, you can adjust this in the clockwise direction to taste for more whallop and weight vs. There is no cost for the programming, just round trip shipping and the remaining parts for the Turbo kit.

If I run the SA in series replafement load giving each driver mfa-15 do you think that they will perform as well as they did with their original plate amps?

MFW-15 Turbo Kit

I tested and they are perfect and ready to go. This knob is intended to help match the level of your subwoofer to your speakers.


Also, Clickbait and Clickbait formatted titles No solicitation of services. I will post up the range of adjustment it provides, but this is a shelf filter which raises and lowers the lowest frequencies with very little change above 50Hz.

Re-programming of amplifiers must be done by Seaton Sound or another party we authorize, equip, and train to do so. Since this issue arose with these subs it made me reflect on some of the gear I might have lying around.

I took it apart and found D1 on the power board had become shorted.

Also, just because the interior volume minus bracing and port doesn’t meant the port is right for the drivers. Is it a function of testing them with an SPL meter as you suggest or is that solely to adjust the gains to make sure it’s equal across all subs? Link to post Share on other sites.

AV MFW Humming Fix : audio

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