It can only be twisted with difficulty, which allows for a picking up of the netbook at its display edge without problems. A current immediate opponent in terms of both looks and configuration, as well as the price: The netbook’s soundscape, in particular the always present fan , could be an issue for sensitive ears. Asus’ p scores a bit better in the direct SuperPi benchmark comparison. MSI presents four different color alternatives online. We didn’t notice multi-touch support just as little as a horizontal or vertical scroll area.

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The Wind models were counted to the pioneers of the unyielding netbook trend, beside the Eee PCs from Asus. MSI presents four different color alternatives online.

Unfortunately, various hopes of a performance increase couldn’t be fulfilled. System Noise Basically, the hardware component development considerably lower TDP would also lead to a lower system noise, as there is a lot less potential waste heat.

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The netbook has basically taken a step toward Asus’ Eee PC. The Wind U almost achieves the manfacturer’s stated top value of minutes or 7 hours in the BatteryEater Reader’s test, representative neetbook the maximum runtime at reading a document energy saving mode, min.

Even image deviations can only be provoked with an unusually high pressure on the display lid. It can, therefore, come to synchronization problems when external devices soundcards are connected.

This is a feasible rate but still lags far behind the identically dind Asus Eee p. Asus’ p scores a bit better in the direct SuperPi benchmark comparison.


As pretty as the reflective surfaces may be to look at, everyday use turns out to be even more tedious. Also, I use the Page up and Page down keys a lot and they are better positioned on the Wind keyboard. The maximum available resolution adds up to x pixels.

Basically, the hardware component development considerably lower TDP would also lead to a lower system noise, as there is a lot less potential waste heat. In the end, he returned the computer.

It’s recommendable to consider the position to the sun and dind required, to look for a shadowy place. However, that all USB ports have been placed on the far front sides could possibly turn out to be less supportive. If watching high resolution videos is of special interest, Ion ranges should be favored as the integrated Geforce M G graphic card can support the Atom CPU significantly here.

The evidently ever-increasing fashion of chiclet design for the keyboard is also very striking. Overall, an immense savings advantage remains anyway.

The front and back remain unfettered from connections. Simple office applications, internet and mail. The MSI Wind has been around a long time by Netbook computer standards and generally gets good reviews. As the picture almost touuchpad unchanged in the optimal perpendicular viewing position “only” reflections impair the representationyou can also take delight in an unusually large stable viewing area on the vertical plane.

Download MSI Wind U Netbook Synaptics Touchpad Driver for Win7 for Windows 7

To what extent will the new technology contribute a performance gain for the upcoming netbook generation? The touchpad is youchpad and responsive, but positioned so close to the keyboard that it’s easy to brush while typing, causing irritating cursor behaviour. MSI builds in a touxhpad We’ll have to wait and see if MSI makes improvements.


The display, apart from the reflective surface. Our Verdict This laptop has everything a netbook is expected to have, ticking all the right boxes.

Get an MSI Wind Netbook for only $349

According to MSI, this should be limited to the international market as well. The keyboard is great, providing a firm typing action which we quickly became accustomed to. The Asus is much lower with 4.

The price will likely also be decisive for the Wind U’s success, which is estimated at less than euro, according to first information. A comparatively good viewing angle stability, good rates and a subjectively brilliant color representation speak for the screen, at least as long as you’re indoors.

Of course, in the first test of the new Intel range with the sounding name ” Pine Trail ” in Asus Eee PC pthe big question was to be answered: This is a great price for a well-received inch Netbook.

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