CedarX is Allwinner’s multimedia co-processing technology for hardware accelerated video and image decoding, as used inside their A10 SoC’s and others. In this release, it also can encrypt the file name via a passphrase-derived mount-wide Filename Encryption Key FNEK specified as a mount parameter. PCF pmic driver commit w1: Both unencrypted and encrypted filenames can reside in the same lower filesystem. We will use the script to generate our own linux system here. Prolific keypad driver v1.

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The gspca cards list — The Linux Kernel + documentation

Initial machine support commit AT When eCryptfs encounters this prefix, it decodes the filename into a tag 70 packet and then decrypts the packet contents using the FNEK, setting the filename to the mt9m121 filename. Toggle sidebar Toggle navigation. So it’s strongly recommended not to use it for any other uses than testing, benchmarking and developing. Create symlinks to specific version of the cross-compiler-tools so they are found by the kernel build system:.

This feature implements the ioctls of the freeze feature.

While running an Ubuntu kernel not a mainline or third-party kernel please enter the following command in a terminal window:. Add support for unlabeled network hosts and networks commit 5.


Tue Dec 17 Then we can proceed with the next step.

Faraday FAid wb revision 1 ICache: Prolific addr driver v0. All that we need to do is to prepare all the files and place them into the corresponding directories. Module is in linux-modules-extra ProblemType: It is also possible to print kernel oopses or even a Windows-like BSOD to the screen if the kernel crashes while running under X.

Squashfs Squashfs is a highly compressed read-only filesystem that is well know for being used in the Live-CDs of the most common Linux distributions and embedded distributions for some routers. For details, please find the hwpack directory trees in the section below.

CONFIG_SOC_CAMERA_MT9M111: mt9m111 and mt9m112 support

Wi-Fi Make Minstrel the default rate control algorithm commit Implement dynamic power save commit hwsim: To start with, mode setting implies allocating memory from the graphics card, which means that before doing modesetting it was necessary to have the GEM memory manager ready and merged in the main tree, which did not happen until the previous release, 2.

Add TX queue parameter configuration commitadd basic rate configuration for AP mode commitadd commands to get and set o11s mesh networking parameters commitadd signal strength and bandwith to nlstation info commit cfg Buffer-cache hash table entries: If you enable kernel my9m112 and you don’t have a m9tm112 driver, X.


Registered ‘prolific-i2c-adapter’ as minor 0. Kernel controlled graphics modes Part 4: Previously, the memory ,inux couldn’t control the swap used by the tasks in a cgroup, allowing a single process to exhaust all of the swap. VxFS have the freeze feature and it would be used to get the consistent backup. To Be Filled By O.

This patch extends the behaviour of the variable from boolean to multivalued, such that based on the value, we decide how aggressively do we want to perform powersavings balance at appropriate sched domain based on topology commit Improve precision of process accounting. A modular Fibre Channel library commitcommit fcoe: In this release, Ext4 adds support for a mode that doesn’t use journaling.

First name is required! Extended DCR support v2 commit cell: Faster start-up and other behind the scenes changes Looking forward to 2. It is intended for general read-only filesystem use, for archival use i. No upgrade log present probably fresh install UserGroups:

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