3C90X 10 100 NIC DRIVER

The defaults are NIC number 1 and Group 1 tests. Troubleshooting If a message appears, stating that Windows NT networking is not installed, either it has not been installed or a problem has occurred in changing the network settings. Open the Network group and double-click Network Setup. The update utility posts a message box that the update has successfully completed. Command line with configuration file Command Line with Auto Configuration Command syntax: A warning message will appear. For more information on peer-to-peer networking, see your Microsoft Windows 95 manual.

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Read and write–gives other users permission to delete or change files and folders. Windows for Workgroups may give you a chance to add or change your user name, workgroup, and computer name.

The -r switch disables the NIC’s early receive indications feature. In the Select Network Client window, choose Microsoft as the vendor in the left pane, then choose the client in the right pane, and click 390x OK button.

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Pictures 6,views. NCF file to the following format: When you are done, reboot the PC. TXT – Technical Support v5. It also describes how to: Modification, reverse engineering, reverse compiling, or disassembly of the Software is expressly prohibited.


The Network Setup configurator runs. If the file is missing, download it from one of 3Com’s download sites, and make sure you expand it properly. Continue to click Next until Windows 95 asks if you want it to search for new hardware. Create a Samsung YPK3 4.

This site uses cookies. Information contained in this file is correct at the time of publication. Unfortunately, the EtherLink driver that comes with Windows 98 is old and may not work properly under some conditions. Turn the PC on and install the nc for the first NIC with the intelligent auto install program see the above section for instructions. The 3Com EtherCD or EtherDisk diskette 1 if using installation diskettes and the Windows 98 installation media are needed during the installation.

Click the Adapters tab. On the main menu, select Configuration and Diagnostic Program and press [Enter].


If this happens, you must reboot Windows in Safe Mode to recover. This option provides support for multiple languages through a different resource file for each language supported. The following example shows how this can be done: Windows has found new hardware and is installing software for it.


You are prompted for the Windows 95 installation media. The software interrupt is used to communicate between the driver and the protocol and should not be confused with the NIC’s hardware interrupt.

Command Line Keywords You can use the first two characters of any command or parameter as a shortcut.

Such warranties and limitations of liability are incorporated herein in their entirety by this reference. For exact directions, refer to your Client 32 instructions.

ASUS 3C90x 10 Mbps and 10/100 Mbps PCI NIC Family Free Driver Download

This file contains the information needed for automating the installation process. You are prompted for your user name and password.

It is assumed that Windows for Workgroups has already been installed on your PC. In the Select Network Client window, select Microsoft in the left pane.

In the Network Drivers window, click Add adapter.

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