In case you want the latest kernel, just use yum to get the latest kernel. Does anyone get corruption with the 9. Tweaks for gamers and video enthusiasts. That’s part of the problem Xorg is having with stability right now. Only now with the radeonhd driver is that changing, but again, that doesn’t count for much when the driver is still under heavy debelopment. Third, and probably important in this case, Xorg is having some uncharacteristic stability problems of late. I managed to get it working once, but I think I had to use Xgl.

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Just accept that now. Some people are reporting that it trashed their box See also: If your card is two or more years old, disregard this advice.

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I have a x2. I have worked in wti area for many years and I can tell you it is amazing at how fast both companies and others are keeping up with us and our needs and the Linux changes The time now is This How To is valid up to Catalyst Driver version I’d just about given up hope.

Functioning 3D for the HD series of cards is still a ways off, but hopefully by years end we have something that we can use. In the mean time I set this Thread as my home page.


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Primary support should be added soon thought. I don’t play 3D games or do professional video or graphics, so I would call this system usable enough. Both should be greatly applauded for seeing the future of Linux and keeping up with every kernel change liux is OK, let’s take it one step at a time.

I’m sorry there’s no solution to your ATI problems, but people seem to forget one very important principle: You can download our MB and to pass your real exam. I have noticed the blinking in blender with 9.

Same thing as before they appear to install okay then on reboot my system locks up and the display has a bunch of weird colors all over it.

The installation process is same as version x886. Shall I try radeonhd driver? Commit interval 5 seconds [ Just on the fly, do you think you could say this is the fglrx driver?

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But Fedora 12 tries to make life a bit easier and may provide support for ATI cards. Anyway I will try to follow the instructions to test.

O Additionally, when there’s no sound so I know the system WILL hang at black screen or with empty panel barswhen I switch to console with ctrl-alt-1 and log in, even the console will hang after typing in any command I’ll worry about Google Earth later. Enable the clock gating!


In the past my smaller resolution display always had a very distorted output when I tried both at once. Uninstall fglrx, generate a new xorg. This is important since fglrx replaces some xorg libs that the open source drivers need and the script should return them.

Huge thanks to Richard Lloyd and mxyzptlk for pointing this out. Has anyone got dual monitors working with this driver?

ATI on Linux is a dead concept. Now it’s off to Boxee and getting that working After reboot, I managed to login, but after I tried to turn on second monitor, everything went black with catalyst 9. The problems we are all seeing come from the fact that the Linux kernel is being changed in areas that affect video drivers, Disp,ay.

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