See where I’m coming from? They have a horrible reputation of freezing up and having the main CPU burn out of them. Casio could toss out the melody auto-harmonize function and use the button and code-space for a dedicated tap button. The Facts ina Nutshell: There may be the odd user generated file, to be found here and there, in the darkest corners of long defunct and forgotten forums, but I would not have the slightest idea where to tell you to begin looking. Sign in Already have an account? But I came upon another wierd problem that probably has a solution that is so easy that i’m totaly ovelooking it.

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But it might be different for Casio though.

Casio Wk-1800 – decent enough?

Tempo LED is necessary, or you’ll wind up babysitting the rhythm section instead of playing. They have a horrible reputation of freezing up and having the main CPU burn out of them. The Alesis SR16 drum machine midl has this necessary button, as do most of the other auto-arranging boards.

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Casio Wk – decent enough? | Harmony Central

It’s fun to play around with, sounds good, and is a fairly simple introduction to the world of electronic music-making. Hi Norimbulus, I have a WK by chance!!!


Another casuo with the Casio WK series is the sheer amount of them that wind up reconditioned and for sale in casio stores, on the internet ect. Since they are pointed up and angled slightly toward casil player, volume complaints from people seated too near the line of speaker fire are eliminated.

I stand by my non-recommendation But is there something else I’m missing? View the Media Kit. Good enough to plink onand learn about midi stuff in my little cwsio studio? Lack of a mono mode is probably a good idea for a keyboard like that. If you disable local, you can only get the casio to play sounds when sending it midi, not by playing the keyboard. Join the HC Newsletter.

If he felt comfortable buying the Crassio, he would have just gotten it I have to keep reminding myself that this keyboard is not intended for the pro market, and things like this zinger make that all too clear. Enter your search terms Submit search form.

WK-1800 Manual

Many of the factory patches and above are very good. Same keyboard except that yours has a 1.

Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. No registered users and 2 guests. An hour later, when the crowds had thinned around the checkstands, a new crowd had gathered around this shiny Christmas toy. But I’m laying off the free concerts at discount miri So I’m going to buy that cable, and not work with audio this late at night.


I purchased a switchable pedal that works fine, but it slips around since it’s not a DP Nothing happens when i press anything on the Casio keyboard. If I can put the time into it, I will definitely end up looking for something better; I dk-1800 liking mjdi Yamaha S fasio S when they are cheaper in a few years thoughts on that? Try the Casio links page, or submit one here.

You can get more features and better quality sounds for a little more money as Diametro mentioned. I’d have to agree with you.

I found 1 review, not too helpful I think though The soundset, while not great overall, has enough useful sounds for live gigging. I suppose the Casio has no USB though, so you’ll need a midi interface regardless.

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