Documentum Records Manager Documentum, Inc. FairCom Crystal Reports Driver 1. FEU offers file browsing, editing, scanning, counting, and printing, as well as complex global file updates, manipulations, deletions, and more. Product Section [ return to Table of Contents ]. Online and pop-up held provide assistance for commands, fields, and functions. Comparison Columns Note Number: It comes complete with a graphical MAP display, which illustrates the fragmentation on a disk-by-disk or system basis.

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Documentum Records Manager is an integrated records management solution that equips organizations to create, safeguard, and access necessary records, relate them to relevant business content, and archive or destroy records according to system-enforced administrative, regulatory, or legal rules.

Crystal Reports: Database Connector Error

Access to previous versions of the catalog provides audit trail and restoration of individual objects dropped in error. The program logic necessary to handle requests from a front-end application is contained within the teports itself, including an SQL interpreter.

It allows developers to create and maintain data entry screens, validation and extraction tables, and application file output formats. This all-purpose tool provides a method for performing key data-related tasks such as data generation, translation, conversion, aging, data analysis and validation, and disguising sensitive data for testing.

DSIMS Data Dictionary provides centralized storage for data and environment definitions used in the development, and ongoing maintenance of information systems. It comes complete with a graphical Crysstal display, which illustrates the fragmentation on a disk-by-disk or faigcom basis. This product set is divided into several components: The reader assumes sole responsibility for the selection of these materials to achieve its intended results.


It also recovers disk space allocated unnecessarily beyond the files’ EOF. With Documentum Records Manager, enterprises can demonstrate compliance with regulations, defend internal policies and actions, and avoid legal, monetary, and procedural penalties while protecting intellectual resources, reducing expenses, and protecting their corporate images. Eliminates the need to write any SQL or programs to perform a number of data management functionality.

PF keys issue many functions and 4 to 6-character commands perform data validation and manipulation without user exit programs.

Documentum Records Manager Documentum, Inc. Gartner shall have no liability for errors, omissions or inadequacies in the information contained herein or for interpretations thereof.

Crystal Reports: Database Connector Error

FEU is a productivity tool for programmers and users. The Distributed Server provides the highest level of interoperable functionality for many Empress Interfaces and Products and supports full peer to peer database functionality. Microsoft Windows ; Microsoft Windows 3.

Enterprise data migration and transformation between mainframe and distributed applications.

Records Manager is certified as compliant with the commonly-accepted Department of Defense electronic record-keeping standard DoD Administrators qualify operators, define the operational environment, assign reportts characteristics, and obtain system usage statistics. All product functionality is offered in the base product.

Executable DB2 utility job streams are generated for reorgs, copies, modifications, quiesces, recoveries, etc. Similar in look and feel to Microsoft’s Windows explorer, FMA allows A-series files to be graphically viewed and managed from any Windows desktop. It provides easy access to your entire database without any programming or advance setup. FairCom Crystal Reports Driver 1.


Reeports its ability to work with crytal vendors’ utilities, it provides the DBA with added flexibility. Empress Servers Empress Software, Inc. The flexible setup offers multiple record types, numerous field options, and up to eight alternate keys for each record type. ENTRY contains menu-driven interactive development, operation, and administration functions.

rpeorts Hundreds of reports help analyze the impact of proposed system changes. The system can include online views of all DB2 objects, filtering to focus on problem areas.

These utilities can be embedded into normal maintenance procedures and run automatically. There is an additional license fee for running the Java engine at the server level and for accessing Mainframe data.

Faricom tool is designed for projects involving mergers, data conversions, application testing, data migration projects requiring solid data analysis and validation, and for protecting sensitive data during the testing process.

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